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We are excited to bring to you the Liters Plus Member Get Member Program Fiesta! In our mission to help fleets save money and grow their business, we believe that our Liters Plus Members are our best Advocates. Just refer your business connections and friends and WIN BIG! Fill out the form below and check where you stand on the scoreboard.

Happy Referring!

Member’s Information

Referred member

Alias Gift
fadi suidan FITBIT OR SPA
SergeAsfar $70 worth of energy coupons
Zeina T Shaer $60 worth of energy coupons
Maroun Romanos $60 worth of energy coupons
Khodr $60 worth of energy coupons
MiChele $30 worth of energy coupons
Katia Abi Khaled $30 worth of energy coupons
MEHSEN FRANGIEH $20 worth of energy coupons
Michel Bsaibes $20 worth of energy coupons
ROY $20 worth of energy coupons
Paul Ephrem $10 worth of energy coupons
KIT $10 worth of energy coupons
Charles $0 worth of energy coupons
1-10 cards
$10 worth of energy coupons/card
10-20 cards
10-20 cards
20-30 cards
30-40 cards
go pro
40-50 cards
Samsung Note 8
50-75 cards
75-150 cards
A trip for 2 all expenses paid
>150 cards
Omega watch
>150 cards
>500 cards
25 gold Liras
>1000 cards
Electric Car

Offer valid for Liters Plus Members only. Your account must be in good standing. If this is a personal referral, you agree to only make recommendations to known friends and family members with whom you have a relationship and who have confirmed to you that they want to receive this communication. If this is a referral in the context of your business, you agree to only make recommendations to business contacts who you know and who have consented to receive this recommendation from you. You must not send recommendations to people you do not know. The referral rewards will be awarded to you based on each eligible referral for which Liters Plus receives an application that is subsequently approved, subject to all applicable terms and conditions. You will receive your prize 90 days following referral cards activation. Due to the confidential nature of the approval process, you will not be notified when applications are approved or declined. If our records indicate that any person you have referred has opted not to receive e-mails from us, your referral will not be sent and you will not receive the referral rewards offered as part of this program. Member Get Member Program varies by product and may be modified, suspended, cancelled or otherwise terminated without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offer. If the people that you refer have already applied for the product that you are referring without participating in this program, neither you nor they will be eligible for any referral rewards that may be offered as part of this program.

Member Get Member Program participants should allow 8 to 10 weeks for the award of the referral rewards once program criteria have been met. Offer valid for applications received by Liters Plus through the links provided within the referral communication and other select communications. Applicants must be 18 years old or over. Approval subject to status and Terms and Conditions apply.

All products and services are subject to applicable Terms and Conditions.

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